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Slinger Signaller

ABOUT US Slinger Signaller is a person who assists the different operators involved in lifting tasks using cranes and other lifting equipment. The role of Slinger Signallers becomes more crucial in

Slinger Signaller2020-12-03T23:26:13+00:00

Manual Handling

ABOUT US Manual Handling is the oldest and sometimes the most crucial materials handling technique. Despite the growing efficiency and versatility of machines, every industry requires some amount of manual handling

Manual Handling2020-12-03T23:25:59+00:00

Lorry Loader Securer

ABOUT US Lorry Loader Securer training aims at securing the equipments and loader personnel while transporting. The training course is designed to bring loss to health and property to zero, while

Lorry Loader Securer2020-12-03T23:25:44+00:00

Harness Inspection

ABOUT US Harness Inspection course aims at training the inspecting delegates to carefully monitor and inspect the equipments used for fall protection. It will guide about observing the equipment, carrying out

Harness Inspection2020-12-03T23:25:31+00:00

Harness Awareness

ABOUT US Working with different machines and on different operations and tasks require specific types of harnesses. The harness awareness training introduces the different harnesses, their uses, and the manner in

Harness Awareness2020-12-04T19:29:07+00:00

CAT & Genny

ABOUT US CAT or Cable Avoidance Tool is used to discovering underground cables to prevent accidents and loss due to damage to underground cables. The CAT works in three modes. The

CAT & Genny2020-12-03T23:24:57+00:00

Z4 Manual Straddle Truck

ABOUT US Z4 Manual Straddle Truck is a versatile machine for moving and lifting loads, including the slatted (closed at the bottom) pallets. It is distinguished by its special design that

Z4 Manual Straddle Truck2020-12-04T19:28:47+00:00

Z3 Manual Pallet Stacker

ABOUT US Z3 Manual Pallet Stacker is an ideal companion for indoor pallet stacking and lifting tasks involving light loads. It uses a hydraulic mechanism for lifting. It is good for

Z3 Manual Pallet Stacker2020-12-03T23:22:32+00:00

Z1 Manual Pallet Truck

ABOUT US Z1 Manual Pallet Truck is a semi-automatic pallet forklift truck which is also known as Pedestrian Pallet Truck. It is used for moving, loading/unloading and arranging loads, usually in

Z1 Manual Pallet Truck2020-12-03T23:21:55+00:00

S2 Vehicle/MHE Banksman

ABOUT US S2 Vehicle Banksman is the operator of loading, lifting and moving vehicles and cranes at the industrial and construction sites. Banksmen are also known as Signallers, and their task

S2 Vehicle/MHE Banksman2020-12-03T23:21:22+00:00

R5 Lorry Mounted Crane

ABOUT US R5 Lorry Mounted Crane or Truck Mounted Crane is a versatile crane that is attached on the vehicle. These Cranes come with articulated beams or fixed beams. Articulated beam

R5 Lorry Mounted Crane2020-12-03T23:21:03+00:00

R4 Jib Crane

ABOUT US R4 Jib Crane is known by the name for the horizontal jib (arm or boom) that supports the lifting mechanism. The jib itself is attached to a pillar (movable

R4 Jib Crane2020-12-03T23:20:08+00:00

R0 Hoist Crane

ABOUT US R0 Hoist Crane is an overhead crane used for lifting and lowering light to medium weight loads. The Hoist Crane is a simple machine that constitutes mainly of hoist

R0 Hoist Crane2020-12-03T23:19:05+00:00

P2 Pedestrian Pivot

ABOUT US P2 Pedestrian Pivot is suited to lift light to medium weight loads in passages that have greater width than the very narrow aisle type passages. The front portion of

P2 Pedestrian Pivot2020-12-03T23:18:00+00:00

P1 Pivot Steer

ABOUT US P1 Pivot Steer Forklift can operate in passages having a width between narrow and very narrow aisle. The front-end of the machine carrying the mast and forklifts is attached

P1 Pivot Steer2020-12-03T23:17:47+00:00

M1 Multi Directional

ABOUT US M1 Multi Directional Forklift is also called by the names like Combi-lift or 4-way Steer Lift Truck. It is an immensely efficient space saving machine as it minimises the

M1 Multi Directional2020-12-03T23:17:32+00:00

H1 Tow Tractor & Trailer

ABOUT US H1 Tow Tractor and Trailer are designed to maximise the materials handling speed and efficiency in scenarios that involve goods of different sizes and packaging. The trailer can be

H1 Tow Tractor & Trailer2020-12-03T23:16:29+00:00

E2 High Lift Order Picker

ABOUT US E2 High Lift Order Picker allows manually organising the storage of goods in, and their retrieval from vertical columns and segments. The operator travels up and down on the

E2 High Lift Order Picker2020-12-03T23:14:38+00:00

A7 Pedestrian Reach Truck

ABOUT US The A7 Pedestrian Reach Truck is ideal for moving, loading/unloading, and lifting average to heavy goods in narrower aisles than its ride on counterpart. The pantograph mechanism is

A7 Pedestrian Reach Truck2020-12-17T12:55:31+00:00

A6 Pedestrian Straddle Truck

ABOUT US The A6 Pedestrian Straddle Truck offers greater versatility of operations compared to regular stackers. It can lift a larger variety of pallets than other stackers while being compact

A6 Pedestrian Straddle Truck2020-12-17T12:42:52+00:00

A5 Pedestrian Pallet Stacker

ABOUT US A5 Pedestrian Pallet Stackers are an efficient forklift used for stacking differing weight goods. The operator controls the speed, direction and movement of the stacker with the tiller

A5 Pedestrian Pallet Stacker2020-12-17T12:37:04+00:00

A4 Rider Pallet Stacker

ABOUT US The A4 Rider Pallet Stacker is a special forklift that is used for depositing goods at varying elevations. Stackers allow lifting, loading and unloading of goods to greater

A4 Rider Pallet Stacker2020-12-17T12:24:45+00:00

A3 Pedestrian Counterbalance

ABOUT US A3 Pedestrian Counterbalance turcks are also known as Pedestrian Counterbalance Forklift Truck. They are used for loading, unloading, and moving goods by lifting to and from elevations. The

A3 Pedestrian Counterbalance2020-12-17T12:09:33+00:00

A2 Rider Pallet Truck

ABOUT US A2 Rider Pallet Trucks or rider PPT's are used for lifting and moving goods. The operator can stand and ride on the truck while controlling and maneuvring it.

A2 Rider Pallet Truck2020-12-17T12:05:00+00:00

3b Cherry Picker

ABOUT US 3b Cherry Pickers are also known as Mobile Boom Machines and are in the common category of Mobile elevated work platforms (MEWPS). The base of these machines can

3b Cherry Picker2020-12-17T11:50:58+00:00

3a Scissor Lift

ABOUT US 3a Scissor Lifts are also referred to as Mobile Vertical Machines or Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPS). Once positioned for the task, the Scissor Lift can move vertically

3a Scissor Lift2020-12-17T11:29:01+00:00