Used to maximise space in the warehousing environment, these machines require a lot of concentration. Take a look at the training we can offer you.

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Now commonly 360 degree steering, these trucks can take a little mastering. Take a look at how we can Tailor an accredited or unaccredited course to suite the needs of your company.

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Serious accidents can occur if Cranes are used by poorly or untrained operators. Check this page to see how we can work with you to create a safe working environment.

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An alternative to older, less safe methods of working at height. We can teach your operators the safest methods of operation.

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When we were conceiving MHE4U (Derbyshire based with National Coverage), we were sure that Materials Handling Equipment training had to go beyond just ensuring safe operations. We have taken our 3 decades of operational and on-site experience, gathered from an array of industrial settings and construction sites to a maxim that pushes us to deliver quality and innovation each day – Safety First, Efficiency driven.

More than a decade in mhe training, we continue to take pride in making materials handling operations safer, more productive and ever intuitive. Great training brings the best out of latest technology!

Machines replace and reduce human effort, but they do that as our extended limbs. That’s our approach to MHE training.

We offer tailor made MHE Training Courses (both accredited and unaccredited) to companies.

With new materials handling technology hitting the market each year, and massive changes in manufacturing, construction, storage and distribution, course structures and syllabi become obsolete too soon. For this reason, we believe in maximum customisation, based on the personnel training and logistical management needs of the companies. We don’t want to waste your time or money. You get precisely what you need from the courses, while we make them enjoyable and productive.

Our instructors are registered with the major accrediting bodies for materials handling equipment. They draw on their vast experience to craft truly amazing, fruitful and engaging learning experiences by stitching together tailor-made training courses for in-demand industry requirements.

Our experts pull together modules from accredited programmes for Forklift, Crane, MEWP, Overhead Gantry, Pallet Truck and other handling equipment courses to suit the precise requirements of workforce training and materials movement and management. We run our Forklift Truck and Gantry Crane courses according to recognised testing standards under HSE L117. If that’s not enough, we are open to fully customised training courses suggested and requested by you!

We believe in fair-pricing and never charge extra if there are a higher number of attendees. We charge a daily rate per course. There’s no need to worry about hidden or extra charges on the day of training. The price you see is the price you pay! That’s it!

For a list of our courses or ideas for designing one of your own, click here.

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